Wednesday, November 4, 2015

February Fun

February brought the usual shenanigans plus some extras.We celebrated Chinese New Year with some year of the goat crafts and delicious Chinese take out.

My little goats making cute goats.

Charlotte with her finished product.

The feast complete with chopsticks.

February also brought Brooklynn's favorite thing...the Daddy Daughter Dance at school. They got all dressed up, went out to dinner, and then went to school to dance the night away. This was Brooklynn's last time rolling solo since next year she will have to share the glory with Charlotte.

All dressed up and ready to go.

They went out for "delicious" seafood beforehand. At least Josh had Brooklynn to enjoy it with him!

 On Valentine's Day this year, we had a "fancy" family dinner complete with steak, asparagus, garlic mashed potatoes and sparkling apple cider. The kids loved being fancy.

And Josh made me one of my favorite treats, chocolate covered strawberries.

We spent the rest of the month hanging out and playing around.

Charlotte practiced holding this little cutie.

Noelle came with me to the mother's lounge at church and made herself comfortable. 

Brooklynn went to bed and I found her dead asleep with the light on and a book still in hand. I love this little bookworm.

The Joy in January

I may not have mentioned our minivan died in December and we had to get a new car. We had been car shopping for awhile since the minivan was getting a little squishy for our growing family. Although it happened a little sooner than we were planning, we found ourselves a lovely beast of a car. It's a huge van and I love it!

We decided that the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday weekend was a great excuse to take our first road trip in the beast and visit the grandparents, so off to San Diego we went. While we were there, we headed over to the bay to enjoy the nice weather.

The baldy just hanging out.

Hiding under the dinosaur slide.

At least we have a few more years before this is a reality!

We got Noelle dizzy on the spinner. And then of course we made her try to walk...hilarious!

We spun Charlotte which was also hilarious because she couldn't get back out and every time she tried she just ended up spinning herself.

JJ showed off his muscles on the monkey bars.

Sweet little Aubrey is turning into a real person. She is the happiest, chillest baby of them all and we just love her to pieces. She is definitely the current family favorite and I think she's pretty lucky to have so many big siblings that love her so much!

Look at that cute little smile.

And I happened to capture the cutest sad face in the world. I know its supposed to make me sad too but honestly it just kinda makes me giggle. It's just too cute.

And more cute smiles.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Random Cuteness

Hey look I made it into my 2015 posts! Now I only have like 9 more months worth of stuff to catch up on :o).

And without further adieu, here's some cute pictures of the kiddos from "winter" 2014/2015 that were just too cute to pass up.

 Sisters watch cartoons together.

Noelle eating yogurt or giving herself a facial, I'm not sure which.

Josh and Brooklynn read the entire Harry Potter series together. JJ would ask to stay up and usually end up in some version of this (asleep on the couch).

The kids love holding Aubrey and Aubrey is a good baby and lets them.

And now onto 2015...

New Year's Eve (2014)

For New Year's Eve this year, we decided to have a little block party and light off fireworks. Unfortunately for us, mother nature did not agree with our plans so we had to cut the party short due to inclement weather (i.e. really cold rain). We still had a lot of fun.

Two little cheeseballs geting ready for the show.

After the fireworks we sent the 3 little people to bed and watched the ball drop (granted it was last years ball drop via youtube but whatever) and made some New Year's toasts with our Martinelli's.

Babci showing the J-man the ropes.

Daddy/daughter toasts.

And of course a little father/son action.

Cheers to a healthy and happy 2015!

Zoo Lights (2014)

This year we decided to hit up the lights at the Phoenix Zoo because we hadn't been since JJ was a wee little baby. I think both the kids and the adults enjoyed all the beautiful light displays.

Charlotte getting a boost from Aunt Jessie.

Aubrey enjoyed being the baby kangaroo in her Daddy's pouch.

Babci was nice enough to push Noelle around in the stroller.

The kiddos (minus the babe).

And the whole posse (minus yours truly).

Papa Bear and most of his bear cubs.

A little bit of the light show.

We also checked out the carousel, which of course the kids LOVED!

Charlotte's tiger.

Noelle's cheetah.

Brooklynn's seal.

And JJ's Panda.

And just to make you nice and dizzy, here's some video action of the kids going around and around and around and around and around. There's a reason I stay behind and videotape things like this.

Second Christmas (2014)

Josh's mom, sister, and nephew came out the week after Christmas to celebrate Christmas together or as we like to call it, Second Christmas. We exchanged some presents, looked at some lights, made gingerbread houses and enjoyed spending time together.

Cousin Love
Doesn't Josh look so pretty with his new butterfly clips?

A closer view of his new accessory (borrowed from his daughters).

We made gingerbread houses but since Noelle isn't quite big enough to enjoy the houses, she got to decorate her own cookies.

The big kids hard at work.

Over the years I have discovered I really enjoy making gingerbread houses as long as they are simple. I have no patience for complex decorating so I like to keep it nice and easy.

And here's the finished product of our little gingerbread village.

And in no particular order...

Brooklynn's house.

Aunt Jessie's Halloween house

Charlotte's house.

My house.

JJ's house.

Jon's house.

And some live action gingerbread house building.

Babci did a good job "babysitting" Aubrey while we worked.